We’re here for retailers

We’ll customize your Facebook pages with your own online shop to promote share and sell your products everywhere. We even integrate Google Maps so they’ll always find your shop. Even if they just visit your city on a trip.

We like to make things easy

Your store 24/7 online is important if you consider that 20% of all retail is sold over the internet. 35% of all those articles sold were found by buyers through social media channels.

Set-up service

We’ll help you customize your own Facebook and Twitter page, just upload your logo and a picture of your shop. We then setup your webshop and integrate the shop into your Facebook pages so you can start publishing those announcements, promotions and collections within 48 hours. Easy!

Once we set you up Shoprangers will let you know what interests your customers by gender and demographic where abouts. We show you what they talk about and what they like so you can target your audience even better.

So there you have it.
In short we’ll set you up with;

1 Personalised Facebook page;
1 Facebook Tab – Online Shop;
1 Facebook Tab – Google Maps;
1 Personalised Twitter account;
+ ShopRangers’ tool to publish it all the easy way.

What do ShopRangers get from us?


Our ShopRanger Tool to manage your social media posts and shop. Manage your shop online the easy way. Our tool is responsive and works on any device. about our tool

Your own online shop to reach 1.3 biljon facebook users and 60 million twitter users worldwide. about your shop



Your audience. With Google maps integrated consumers always find your shop wether they are at home or just visiting your city. Our consumer tool